Extension Price /yr

.nz $22.54
.co.nz $42.36
.org.nz $42.36
.church $45.90
.kiwi.nz $42.36
.school.nz $74.26
.school $45.90
.net.nz $42.36
.maori.nz $74.26
.ac.nz $50.11
.com.au * $24.72
.org.au * $24.72
.college $105.45
.com $42.36
.accountants $122.40
.geek.nz $42.36
.gen.nz $42.36
.iwi.nz $43.63

Extension Price /yr

.business $35.70
.property $59.43
.cafe $45.90
.build $127.60
.construction $45.90
.services $45.90
.shop $97.44
.restaurant * $61.20
.net.au * $24.72
.net $42.36
.org $28.22
.photography $35.00
.melbourne $100.46
.sydney $90.00
.organic $230.63
.holiday $61.20
.supplies $35.70
.gifts $45.90

More domain name extensions are available - click here to view

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* Minimum 2 years registration for .au domains, prices are subject to change, prices exclude gst.

About Domain Transfers:
Transferring GTLD (generic top level domain) needs to be renewed for 1 year (that's a policy set by the governing body).
You will be sent an email confirming transfer from WHOIS, please click the link in this email to confirm transfer process. 
Once confirmed, the transfer will be completed within 5-7 days.

Please be aware that updating DNS can take up to 24 - 48 hours to fully resolve (although most happen sooner).

Please be advised that a transfer of a gTLD domain usually takes 5 - 7 days as soon as the transfer is approved through the admin email.

Info about transfering .nz domain names with a UDAI password: Click here 

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